Hmong Village and NENDC came to the District 4 Board meeting on November 17, 2014 and got the approval of the board for the expansion of the parking lot.  At that time there was going to be a land swap with some PED land near the Hamm’s site going to parks in exchange.  That land wen to parks a long time ago.  Hmong Village has continued to have the parking issues, but the City has moved slowly.


We did have a meeting with a bunch of local neighbors hosted by Hmong Village the other day to discuss traffic concerns and we again discussed the increase in parking spaces then.  Everyone agreed it would reduce the number of cars parking in the neighborhood.


The issue as we all know is that Hmong Village is in D 4 – but all of the residents live in D 2.  So, I don’t know what kind of notification you would have done to the residents in D 2 of your meeting since no adjacent properties that have residents are in D 4.


D 2 has been concerned that cars that want to go to Hmong Village park in the D 2 neighborhood and has been supportive of NENDC assisting in their effort to get more parking.


Parks must ultimately approve a site plan that will replace trees and block the parking lot from the D 2 neighbors views.