In February of 2014, the Marketing Communications Committee worked in tandem with the Board to create a new Mission that reflects the goals of DBCC. We believe this captures what the council is working to accomplish for the community.

dbcc_mark“To advance equity and enhance quality of life through partnerships and community engagement.”

An analysis of what this truly means:

To Advance Equity The Council makes space for the difficult conversations and actions in support of racial justice. We seek to create a neighborhood free of systemic and institutional inequities by ensuring that equity be made a priority consideration in all decisions, work plans and actions of the Council and its partners.

Enhance Quality of Life We believe our community is enriched by neighbors knowing neighbors, broad participation in community events, growth of local business and access to resources to improve the lives of all who live, work and do business in Dayton’s Bluff.

Examples of how this is accomplished:

Through Partnerships We do our best work through partnerships that provide greater scale and impact.

Examples of how this is accomplished:

  • East Side Enterprise Center, LLC A joint ownership partnership with Latino Economic Development Center and featuring 12 programming partners that bring culturally focused economic and community development resources to the East Side.
  • East Side Transit Equity (Formerly FESTEC) A partnership of community groups and transit development government partners joined to ensure transit access for the East Side.
  • Community University Partnership Grown out of the community pact with Metropolitan State University to ensure true partnership in multiple ways with the surrounding community.

Community Engagement Community engagement is the heart of this Community Council. We build the future together by working on common goals, driven by shared values and respect for the differences each person, community, age, gender and culture bring to our community table. The council has the following standing committees actively working with the community: Arts and Cultures, Communications, Equity, Housing, and Land use.

DBCC is committed to executing our mission to support and build a vibrant community where everyone can thrive.