Stewards of Margaret Park

MargaretParkSTOMP members are committed to taking an active role in ensuring that Margaret Park remains a safe and beautiful green space with recreational activities for everyone.

Company Overview

Margaret Park is currently undergoing major transformation. It is anticipated that this project will take significant funding and time. STOMP will be engaged in each step of this process. Once the transformation is complete, the STOMP group will continue as stewards watching over the park.


STOMP invites the participation of anyone dedicated to maintaining a beautiful, safe Margaret Park with recreational opportunities for everyone – current neighbors, past neighbors, area business owners, community organizations, city officials, and local political figures are all welcome.

General Information

The Booster Club and the Margaret Rec Center Block Club have long watched over the Margaret Rec Center, the park, and the surrounding neighborhood. At the end of 2012, the Margaret Rec Center building was demolished and plans were initiated to redevelop the area into a neighborhood park. It seemed fitting to form a new group to oversee this transformation process and to take on a long term stewardship role on behalf of the park. Stewards of Margaret Park – STOMP was formed in 2013 for this purpose.