Neighborhood Honor Roll Submissions

Each year, you can nominate a neighbor who helps make Dayton’s Bluff a better place to live, work and play!

The Neighborhood Honor Roll is a citywide award to honor people who improve the quality of life in Saint Paul, two each in each of the 17 districts.

Each year, the District 4 Community Council Board of Directors annually selects two awardees to be recognized at a citywide event. The nominations are taken and submitted by December of each year. Then given to the City of Saint Paul each year by January of each year.

These awards typically go to members of our community who have made a sustained and lasting impact on our neighborhood and City.

Thank you to everyone who makes the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota and your neighbor a better place to live and work.

Do you know someone who should be recognized for impacting your neighborhood in the City of Saint Paul, District 4, Dayton’s Bluff area? Here is the place to honor them. Fill out the form.

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