15th Annual “Watch the Glow of the Setting Sun on the Red Brick Brewery” and Get Together. Friday, September 27, 2019 Starting around 6:30 pm till ? (More events after the sunset event)

“Place is Swede Hollow Park at “Swede Hollow Henge” stones on the rise just north of the Drewry Lane Tunnel. From the Dayton’s Bluff Bates Avenue stairway down the stairway an near the old Hamm’s Brewery.” (Friends of Swede Hollow)

There will be stories about Swede Hollow ant the Hamm’s Brewery. See the sun set and see the bright glow of the brewery building. After the sun set, the food and socializing begins. Former Swede Hollow residents and Hamm’s employees along with everyone else are welcome.

$10 donation is suggested to benefit, Friends of Swede Hollow. For more information call 651.776.0550 

Start time is about 6:30 PM until ??? Friends of Swede Hollow Facebook page.