Executive Director Position Description

Summary: This is contracted position. The Executive Director is the primary staff leadership position. This position is responsible for providing sound advice and guidance to the Board, for the developing and managing resources of the organization and for successful implementation of all programs, projects and initiatives within the context of the Board’s philosophy, approved strategic directions and the annual plan.

Supervision: The Executive Director reports to the Board and is directly supervised by the Board Chairperson or President


I: Administration and Financial Management

  1. Management of contracts, restricted funds, expenditures, accounting systems and internal controls.
  2. Timely and accurate preparation of funder, state and federal reports.
  3. Timely and accurate financial reports to the Board.  This includes mid-year and end of year reports as well as other requested reports by the Board.
  4. Development of sound internal fiscal policies and practices under the direction of the Board.
  5. Preparation of annual budget for the Board.
  6. Ongoing meetings with the Executive committee and Treasurer regarding financial position and forecasts.

II. Management and Implementation of Annual Organizational Plan, Ongoing Programs and Projects

  1. Overall management and implementation of all programs and projects.
  2. Development of success measures and project evaluation.
  3. Timely and substantive program reports to the Board.
  4. Keep the Board informed of timely community concerns and developing subjects for the Annual Plan.
  5. Assist Board with timely creation and philosophy of the Annual Plan.
  6. Responsible for the overall management, programming and staffing needs of WEQY 104.7 FM.
  7. Work with ongoing partners, including ESEC and LEDC for matters related to building and programming. Serve on the ESEC Board as voting representative for the Board.

III. Funding Development

  1. Under the direction of the Board, preparation and implementation of Annual Development Plan
  2. Ongoing exploration and development of funding strategies within compliance of organizational policies and good business practice.
  3. Communicate with the Board funder relations and proposed developments.

IV. Personal Management

  1. Development of personnel policies under direction of the Board.
  2. Managing the hiring, supervision, job related personal development, evaluation, suspension and firing for all staff. Providing timely reports to the Board.
  3. Ensuring compliance with existing organizational policies along with applicable state and federal employment law and regulations.
  4. Management of compensation and benefits within the context of the Board approved annual budget and in accordance with organizational policies and bylaws.

V. Board Development and Planning

  1. Work with the Board to promote a community presence.
  2. Work with the Board to promote board positions and hold elections.
  3. Under direction of the Board coordinate training and arranging for educational and/or consultative resources.
  4. Provide sound advice and guidance to the Board on legal, fiscal, strategic and governance matters.
  5. Maintain records of board meetings, attendance, minutes, bylaws and policies

VI. Other duties as directed by the Board

  1. Perform other tasks or duties as requested within the scope of organizational plan.

Evaluation: Evaluation is based on the performance objectives on an annual basis by the Executive Committee

Compensation:  The Executive Committee sets the salary and benefits of the Executive Director. The salary, benefits and contract duration must be presented to the Board in a closed meeting for approval.  Salary $50-55k

Submit Resume’s to: Lissa@daytonsbluff.org