Dayton’s Bluff Community Council is inviting you to a scheduled meeting online and in person (804 Margaret Street). Everyone is welcome. Please see the agenda and Zoom information below. 

Topic: DBCC Monthly Board MeetingTime: March 20, 2023 06:30 PM Central Location: DBCC Office 804 Margaret Street & via Zoom       

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Meeting ID: 826 9383 3906 Passcode: 806343


6:35APPROVE PREVIOUS MONTH’S MEETING MINUTES (5 min) Feb. 2023 (attached)
6:40COMMUNITY UPDATES (if any – 3 min each)
City Councilmember – Jane Prince
Listening House – Bekah Bailey
St. Paul Parks/Rec – Courtney Lovelace
Eastern District/Neighborhood Safety – Sr. Commander Kurtis Hallstrom  
6:49PRESENTATIONS (15 min each with Q & A)  
Update on the Gold Line a planned 10-mile transit route between St. Paul and Woodbury with bus-only lanes and what to expect from construction in 2023. 
More info. visit: Presenters: Liz Jones-, Community Outreach and Engagement Lead and Nik Costello-, Project Engineer.         
7:04EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT – Veronica Burt (5 min)
Update on Ward 7 City Council Candidates Meet and Greet  
Update on Engagement Project with St. Paul Police Community Partnership
Unit Update on 1-4 Unit Housing Study Phase 2 Amendments – Public Comment Period 4/14.  View Public Hearing Press Release      
7: 09STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS (if any – 5 min each)
Finance Committee – Michaelene Colestock
Fundraising Committee – Becky Masterman
Land Use Committee –  Becky Masterman
Executive Committee – Eric Zidlicky
Update on Board Forum with Payne Phalen Community Council        
7:29GENERAL BUSINESS (if any – 5 min each)
Discuss Change to By Laws/Add Land Use to Exec. Committee – Lindsay Bothe Culverhouse
Electronic Outreach – Becky Masterman 
Council Representation Updates
Downtown Airport Advisory Council – Gary Brown
East Side Housing Justice Coalition – Michaelene ColestockIndian Mounds Regional Park – Melanie Buetow
Steering Committee on Local Ownership of Commercial Realestate – J. Kou Vang
Ad Hoc Committee Updates
Rebranding – Tabbie Day
Other Business
Review Project & Task Sheet/Meeting Conclusion