Board Members Present: Rafael Espinosa, Carla Riehle, Sage Holben, Elizabeth Matakis, Alex Bajwa, Tong Thao, Rob Sebo Lubke, Jacob Lambert, Jessica Johnson, Bridger Merkt,

Board Members w/ Scheduled Absence: Breann Tierschel

Board Members absent: Jesus Ramirez, Colin Wilkinson, Henry Garnica,

Meeting Called to Order at 7:00 pm by Elizabeth Matakis

Guest Speakers: Glenn Pagel from St. Paul City Works

Glenn Pagel presents on the Kellogg blvd project which will replace two westbound Kellogg Blvd bridges. Not many people know that Kellogg blvd is actually a series of bridges, which is now deteriorating. Construction will start April 1st, substantial completion by November 1st. For more information, visit

Kathleen from Saint Paul Public Library will try to attend board meetings. There are extended hours at the library now with classes and programs available.

Minutes from 2/23/2015 approved

  • Add names of absentees, and excused absences

Agenda for 3/16/15 approved

Housekeeping: agenda has been loosened up to allow more discussion, only comments from people who are called on by chair. Items brought up not on agenda will be put in parking lot and will be followed up within one week.

Committee Work plan review:

Community Engagement committee

  • Presented on their three work plans, approved.
  • Community Engagement committee also presented the Driver License for All Resolution, which will be circulated to other district councils – Motion to adopt resolution with friendly amendments, [From “in Mexico and other Central American Countries” in the first paragraph to “from locations around the world” AND add “encourage the City of Saint Paul and Ramsey County to support this language”  after “hazard” on second to last paragraph] passes

Neighborhood Development Committee (NDC):

  • Presented on their three work plans, approved
  • NDC Committee motioned there be no installation of transit lines through Swede Hollow Park, as it would destroy a natural community asset. There were extensive conversations on the motion, board members are opposed to any transit lines through Swede Hollow but are supporters of transit lines in the neighborhood. The motion could not be supported until there are further discussions. This motion should come back to the board again next meeting. Let it be known that Rafael Espinosa is one supporter of the motion.

Rafael calls the question, approved
– Vote to support motion – aye 3, nay 6, 1 abstain

Internal Operations:

  • Presented on their works plans, approved
  • Youth engagement and business development committees will be held off until next board meeting.
  • Board minute and agenda template was presented by DBCC staff, to be submitted electronically to their respective committee staff person. Minutes should be sent in 1 week after committee meeting. Agendas are due 3 days before the meeting, preferred 1 week before.

Land Use Discussion:

  • Formal Motion that the NDC priorities of Land Use items and Review for the City become full board responsibilities.
  • Executive Committee’s alternative: NDC would handle residential issues under $1 million, Economic Development Committee would handle business land use issues under $1 million. Under strict time tables, land use issues can come to the full board, executive committee, or a special Land Use meeting can be called.  The full board still has authority to overrule any decision, at any point.
  • Motion withdrawn by NDC

Radio Station:

  • The temporary studio is set up at the old office and is halfway functional. The permanent studio is slowly being built out.  Things are looking optimistic and the outreach effort is paying off with more people coming out with interests in hosting programs. East Side Freedom Library is willing to host a small studio for recording purposes. There are still challenges with a training program. The advising committee will be formed soon.

CLUES Letter of Support:

Two proposals:

  1. CLUES will take care of NAPA building. They will tear it down to build a two story building.
  2. First Lutheran Church, proposal to renovate kitchen and increase signage. “City Folk School”

Motions approved


Myra Smith will take a leave of absence until June.

Tong announced his employment of DBCC partner Latino Economic Development Center and will be staffed in ESEC building.

Urban Oasis and Shared Ground will do a report back about their trip to Cuba on 3/20

Karin DuPaul is looking for artists for Art in the Hollow, Karen is also looking for volunteers for the St. Paul Home Tour on April 25-26.

Mounds Theater has programming planned, so keep an eye out for that.

Urban Oasis is renovating the commercial kitchen on 3rd and Bates.


Motion to adjourn at 8:35 – Approved