Board Minutes
Board Members Present: Rafael Espinosa, Carla Riehle, Sage Holben, Elizabeth Matakis, Alex Bajwa, Tong Thao, Rob Sebo Lubke, Breann Tierschel, Jessica Johnson, Jacob Lambert, Henry Garnica
Board Members w/ Scheduled Absence:
Meeting Called to Order at 7:01 pm by Elizabeth Matakis
Minutes from 07/20/15 approved, motion by Alex Bajwa, seconded by Tong Thao
Agenda approved, motioned by Rob Sebo Lubke, seconded by Alex Bajwa
Guest Speaker:
Kathleen Anglo presented on the Grand Round project, which is a part of the 8-80 Vitality Initiative, providing spaces for people from 8 years old to 80 years old. The Grand Round would link the major parks in Saint Paul in an unbroken chain that encompasses the city. The project has been planned since the early days of Saint Paul, but the section of Johnson Parkway from Burns Avenue to Phalen Boulevard will be implemented in 2016. The bike trail will be approximately 10 feet across along the Eastern side of the parkway and construction will uproot approximately 3 ash trees.
Rob Sebo Lubke asked what the outreach or communications plan is, since his neighbors have not heard about this project yet. Kathleen Anglo explained that the Grand Round plan will be ready for public comment at the end of September, finalized in October, and open houses will be held in November. Tong Thao asked if there were any studies on how many cars use the intersections that will be closed, Kathleen Anglo explained that there has already been a study and it showed that around 20-30 cars use those intersection at any given day. All other questions asked during the meeting that were not answered were recorded and will be answered shortly.
Big Events:
Radio Station:
– The radio station is accepting donations, a $50 donation will automatically give you
Founding Member status.
– People from Prometheus is here to assist in the installation of the antennae and setting
up the studio.
– WEQY wants to feature local artists, if you know any, please send them to Brenda.
– Local businesses are encourage to become underwriters.
7th Street Live:
There will be dance performers, full bands, businesses, and food vendors. We need volunteers
for set up and tear down. Shifts are from 3:30-4:30 and 9:30-10pm. We need at least 1 person
per hour to staff the bounce house and additional to staff the Dayton’s Bluff booth.
Committee Reports:
Neighborhood Development Committee:
Had a meeting with a landlord/tenant and a homeowner to try to resolve some ongoing dispute,
but there was a no show at the meeting scheduled to try to resolve the conflict. NDC is also
looking for more members for their committee, especially board members who are not active in
any committees.
Land Use:
Had a meeting with the immediate neighbors of Dominium.
Board Elections:
An ad hoc committee will be created to review the election process so that board members can
be more representative of the community. The committee will also look into when elections
should be held. Tong Thao, Alex Bajwa, and Carla Reihle volunteered to be on the committee.
Motion to adjourn at 8:35pm – Approved