Board Minutes
Dayton’s Bluff Community Council Board of Directors Meeting
Date/Time: Monday March 21, 2016 @ 6:30pm8:
Location: East Side Enterprise Center – 804 Margaret Street
Learning Session 6:307:
1. Radio Station Brenda Reid
Shay Glorius L. Martin
Board Session 7:008:
1. Introductions and Call to Order Tong Thao
Present: Osman Egal, Tabitha Benci Derango, Quintin Koger Kidd, Breann Tierschel, Pa Chua Vang,
Jeanelle Foster, Todd Gramenz, Tong Thao, Jessica Johnson, Laura Kidd, Chris Lollie, Rafael Espinosa,
Holly Windingstad, Elizabeth Matakis, Henry Garnica.
Excused Absent: Jacob Lambert and Shannon Prescott
Absent: Rob Sebo Lubke
a. Approval of Minutes2/
Todd motions
Jeanelle second
Motion carries.
b. Approval of Agenda
PaChua moves that that under item 7. New Business, “Safe Roads MN Driver’s License for
All” be added and that Carla Riehle speak on behalf of the event
Todd motions.
Quintin seconds
Motion carries.
2. Committee Reports
a. Executive Committee Pa Chua Vang
b. Neighborhood Development Elizabeth Matakis
3. Staff Report
a. St. Paul Police Chief Selection Committee Meeting Deanna AbbottFoster
b. Transit Organizing Grant Better Bus Stops
4. 2016 Work Plan Tong Thao
Presentation for Adoption Deanna AbbottFoster
Holly amends that Goal #2, Objective #1 Letter F be reworded as “Neighbor to neighbor
connection thru subdistrict.”
Holly approves amendment.
Deanna seconds.
Motion carries. Deanna will amend this in the work plan
● Carla question about the Islamic Community Center
● Tabitha responded that “ We”(DBCC) supports the Islamic Community center but
thought that STAR funding will be appropriate due to the large budget they are
asking for
Todd motion to approve 2016 Work Plan
Motion carries.
5. 2016 Budget Breann Tierschel
Presentation for Adoption Deanna AbbottFoster
Todd motion to approve 2016 Budget.
Elizabeth seconds.
Motion carries.
6. Board Conduct (was not presented) Jeanelle Foster
7. New Business
a. Safe Roads MN Driver License for All Carla Riehle
8. Adjourn
Elizabeth motions to adjourn.
Rafael seconds.
Motion carries.