Dayton’s Bluff Community Council Board of Directors Meeting
Date/Time: Monday February 22nd, 6:00-8:30pm
Location: Eastside Enterprise Center – 804 Margaret Street
Learning Session: 6:30 – 7:00 PM
1. Margaret Park Update- Jennifer Herman
Margaret Park; J. Herman gave an update on how the Margaret Park project is going. The new additions are; more tables and grills, soccer field, half-court basketball court if funding is there, new restrooms, gardens, and other items to make the park more inviting for the community. Todd G. had some concerns about the lack of basketball courts. Jeanelle F. brought it up to board’s attention that plans and budget were pretty much set in stone.
2. Rush Line Corridor Presentation- Andy
Rush Line; Andy from Rush Line came and spoke about their idea of connecting the outer communities to be connected by a train line from Union Depot in St. Paul to the town of Forest Lake, MN thirty minutes north of St. Paul. An outreach session to the community about the second phase will happen on March 14th from 4-6pm at Arden Hills Library.
Board Session
Board members present: Tong Thao, Breann Tierschel, Jacob Lambert, Elizabeth Matakis, Jessica Johnson, Pa Chua Vang, Shannon Prescott, Quintin Koger Kidd, Holly Windingstad, Jeanelle Foster, Henry Garnica, Tabitha Benci Derango, Todd Gramenz Board members w/ excused absence: Rob Sebo Lubke, Rafael Espinosa, Osman Egal, Laura Kidd Board Members absent: Chris Lollie
1. Introductions & Call to Order- Tong Thao
a. Approval Of Minutes- 1/25/16
Intro and Call to order;
Approval of Minutes
Motion made by Q. Kidd to approve 1-25-16 minutes with amendments from Tabitha
J. Foster second the motion
Motion carries.
A motion was made by Q. Kidd to add by-law discussion to work plan discussion on agenda, ___________ second the motion, motion carried.
Q. Kidd made a motion to add executive reports to agenda
Second Todd G.
Motion carries.
b. Approval Of Agenda
Approval of Agenda;
Motion made by Q. Kidd to approve
Second made by Liz M.
Motion carries
2. Staff Updates
A. N. Pressley informed the board about different stats and percentages from 7th street live, 2015 canvassing and election, also what information the community had to share with us, on what was a concern in their eyes.
B. D. Abbott-Foster talked about the new police chief meeting that was hosted by DBCC but was facilitated and organized by BLM St. Paul. The next forum meeting is set up for March 2nd from 6:00 – 8:00pm at ESEC.
C. D. Juan gave an update on the six vacant properties that exist and some of the strategies that DBCC is going to assist in this project that is being led by PED.
3. WEQY Update – Brenda Reid, Shay Glorius L. Martin
a. B. Reid and Glo gave their update to the board on the progress of the radio station and the current, past and future plans for shows and community involvement.
T. Benci Derango motions to have the radio station present at March’s Learning Session and to have a discussion about the radio station for at least 20 minutes.
H. Windingstad seconds the motion
Motion is carried
4. Unfinished Business- Tabitha Benci Derango T. Derango wanted more information on financial documents and more information about the Neighborhood Honor Roll. D. Foster gave report in both areas.
a. Financial Documents Tabitha noted that with the creation of the Financial Committee and other efforts by the board has put many of the community’s mind at ease, in reference to an earlier document presented to the board.
b. Discussion on Neighborhood Honor Roll Deanna- Explained what Neighborhood Honor Roll, will be on annual agenda, radio station volunteers were recognized
5. Finance Committee Formation – Breann Tierschel B.Tierschel gave her report on the first meeting for the Finance committee. Thoughts and ideas will be brought back to the committee and further discussion, on which board members will have a roll, will be brought back to the next board meeting.
J. Foster made a motion to have these ideas taken back to the next finance meeting. E. Matakis second the motion. Motion is carries.
Jeanelle- motion to create Finance Committee
Elizabeth- second
Motion carries.
Jake- Motion to allow Q. Kidd to search for pro bono auditor to work with Deanna on the audit
Motion carries.
6. Current Grants Commitments-Deanna Abbott-Foster
7. Work Plan Workshop- Jeanelle Foster ( was not presented)
8. March Agenda Items- Tong Thao (was not presented)
9. Announcements
10. Adjourn
Quintin- Motion special meeting dedicated to working on the work plan.
Tabitha – second
Motion carries
Jeanelle- motion on adjourn
Second- Quintin
Motion carries