Board Minutes
Board Members Present: Jacob Lambert, Sage Holben, Elizabeth Matakis, Rob Sebo Lubke, Tong
Thao, Jessica Johnson, Alex Bajwa, Henry Garnica,
Board Members w/ Scheduled Absence: Breann Tierschel
Board Members absent: Rafael Espinosa
Meeting Called to Order at 7:44 pm by Elizabeth Matakis
Minutes from 10/19/15 approved by Rob Sebo Lubke, second by Jacob Lambert
Approval of agenda
● Approved
Motion to add motion to support Wilson Ridge Development to the agenda.
● Approved
● Motion to write letter of support for Wilson Ridge Apartments to rezone to RM3,
with emphasis on how increasing density will be good for transit development.
○ Motion by Alex Bajwa, second by Jacob Lambert
○ Approved
Grand Round Update : Kathleen Anglo & Kevin Nelson
Not much has changed in terms of design since the last meeting. Hudson road would remain
open, as well as Pacific Street. The Ruth street is currently very wide, the plan is add more green
space to close the space pedestrians need to cross. The Draft Master and Implementation Plan
will be available Mid-December. $9 Million to complete the full plan on Johnson Parkway, the
plan is to implement it in phases. Rob asked about improving pedestrian mobility, especially on
signal lighted intersection. The recent overlay on Johnson was intended to improve pedestrian
mobility but the Grand Round will improve it further. Bidding for construction will approximately
be in Jan 2017.
Executive Director Update
● Staffing Update:
○ Dezmond Juan has been hired as the Lead Organizer.
○ Trahern Crews and Suchann Yang are part time contracted from now until
December 21 st to ensure we have great outreach and campaigning for board
● Canvassing update:
○ Many residents has been concerned with safety, predominantly with sidewalks
that are either unlit or have not been repaired.
○ Would get us access to data that would be more useful. Also allowed us to build us
a better database to better target emails. Board members would have access to
contacting constituents to discuss issues in the neighborhood.
○ Work Plan Update
■ Canvassing the neighborhood, working towards canvassing every part of
DB. Nov. 23 rd there will be a candidate forum, info is on the website.
● Working on candidate recruitment as well.
○ Ordered lawn signs for our candidates. With support from staff, the candidates can
canvass their neighbors to hand out lawn signs and to get more votes.
● Radio Station:
○ Candidates may be interviewed on WEQY, they will be repeated during certain
times during the day. Radio interviews will begin Dec 1 st until Dec 23 rd .
○ There are also 50 WEQY lawn signs available if would like them.
○ More discussion on Radio Station will be added on next month’s agenda.
● Financial Update
○ All grants through Otto Bremer has been confirmed, but not in the bank yet.
○ There are a couple more grants expected to come in at $40k
○ Sage requested a bi-monthly breakdown of radio station, contracts, consultants,
personnel, and program partners. Elizabeth Matakis suggested that we would do
learning session for interested board and community members. Deanna briefly
went over the expenses under personnel and operations. By 2016, we will start
receiving regular updates on the East Side Enterprise Center. In the 1 st quarter of
2016, we will see 3 separate budgets, 1 for DBCC, 1 for WEQY, 1 for ESEC. Tong
reinforced the importance of staying up to date with our budget and being fiscally
responsible since we are in control of 2 very big projects, ESEC and WEQY.
Annual Dinner & Elections Update:
Next board session will be the Annual Meeting and Elections. 6 applications are in, we need 5
more including the Metro state student. 9 seats available, the other 2 will be appointed by the
board, but they must still go through normal election process. If you would like flyers, board roles
and responsibilities, please contact Nicole.
Committee Reports:
Land Use:
Congregate Living Text Amendment , the city will change zoning code for congregate living
facilities, the hearing will be held before the planning commission on Friday 1/22/16 8:30am at
City Hall.
Sage formally resigns as the chair of the land use committee.
Letter of Support sent and letter appeal sent for the demolition of properties within the historic
district. The properties will go back for HPC hearing.
Motion to adjourn at 9:00 – Approved