Overdue Annual Meeting Update!

Our Annual Meeting was held October 16th at the Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Elementary. Attendees enjoyed socializing with neighbors and free ice cream provided by the Council. Our Meeting began at 6:30. Updates on the Council were provided by Eric Zidlicky, Becky Masterman, Lindsay Bothe-Culverhouse, Veronica Burt, and Amanda Musachio.

Dayton’s Bluff Star Neighbor Awards were presented to:

Karin Dupaul
Fatima Moore
Linda Kunz
Kara Sigurdsen
Lokie Rodriguez
James Schleck
Tricia Elite
Hailee Anderson
Sarah Primozich

Community Service Awards were presented to Councilmember Jane Prince, and Stephanie Harr, on behalf of the Council for their unwavering support over the past years.

Board member voting:

Subdistrict A
No votes

Subdistrict B
Eric Zidlicky, with 10 votes. Re-elected.

Subdistrict C
Heidi Soderberg, with 1 write in vote. Not elected.

Subdistrict D
Melanie Buetow, with 4 votes. Re-elected.
Jennifer Marcus Newton, with 1 write in vote. Not elected.

At Large
Amanda Musachio, with 15 votes. Elected.

Congratulations to Eric and Melanie on their re-election for another term! Also, congratulations and WELCOME to our newest Board Member, Amanda Musachio!

Next Board Meeting is November 20th at 6:30 pm. Hope you can join us!