Everyone is welcome to join a Hike the Bluff group!

The Hike the Bluff program hopes to encourage you, your family and friends to walk in the Dayton’s Bluff beautiful community regularly. We hope to make your walks more frequent, joyful and safe. It is a unique way to make new friends while learning about the neighborhoods, historical homes, famous bluffers, natural and cultivated gardens in our community, and/or our parks.

Dayton’s Bluff Take-a-Hike occurs on the first Saturday of the month.  Hikers meet at 10:30 am in Indian Mounds Park at Earl Street and Mounds Boulevard. The route winds through local parks and trails to end up at the new East Side Heritage Park. Along the way hikers will share stories and learn some of the local history. The hike is about four miles long with some moderately rough terrain. Transportation will be available to return to Indian Mounds Park, if needed.

The summer of 2014 brought garden tours back to the Hike the Bluff program. This is an educational exploration of local amazing gardens cultivated by East Side residents with extremely green thumbs!

To learn more about Take-a-Hike, the garden tour, and other guided tours of the community, stop by our offices or call 651-772-2075. Take advantage of this fun opportunity to get out and explore your neighborhood with your neighbors!

For information regarding learning about our neighborhood and enjoying its beauty by foot on your own, visit our Walking Tours  or Parks page. Bike trail and car tour maps are also available.