Neighborhood Development Committee

Neighborhood Development Committee is a public committee that allows residents to take an active role in shaping our community.  The Committee makes recommendations to the board and City on zoning matters and works with the community to resolve land use issues and works to resolve land use issues that affect residents businesses. All meetings are open to the public, although community members live at residences near the property being discussed may be contacted directly as they are most immediately impacted. This is opportunity to voice support or objection as well as ask questions to learn more about the proposed development.  Recommendation are made based on the Dayton’s Bluff Strategic Plan, which outlines the plan for future developments and improvements in our community.

 Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • New developments that are proposed for the area
  • Lot splits, vacating alleyways, zoning, signage, and usage variance requests on projects that business and residential property owners want to undertake
  • Licensing i.e. noise, liquor, etc
  • Housing usage i.e. treatment or group housing facilities

We receive notice from the City of various proposals for land and property in the district and must evaluate each proposal in terms of district interests. Our opinions are weighed by City officials as they make their final decision on the proposals. The Land Use Committee makes every effort to understand neighborhood concerns around proposals, as well as evaluate them against authorized area plans.

Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood Development Committee also provides an open forum where neighbors can discuss land issues and, when possible, we are available to help mediate disagreements and work toward compromise.

Meeting time: Neighborhood Development Committee meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the District Council Office. The date may change if a national holiday falls on that Monday. This committee is an open meeting and the public is invited to attend. Interested persons are encouraged to call the District Council Office at 651-772-2075 to confirm meeting dates and times.

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Land Use Agenda 2.8.16