1. Where do I get recycling bins?
    For more information visit www.eurekarecycling.org.
  2. When are the committee meetings?
    Dayton’s Bluff Community Council has four committees designed to address the needs and concerns of the community. These committee meetings are open to the public. Please refer our Event Calendar for meeting details.
  3. How do I get involved with the new East Side community radio station?
    For Inquiries about the radio station email us at Brenda@daytonsbluff.org .
  4. Who do I contact to reserve a plot at Skidmore Community Garden?
    Plots are available. Call John Barbie at 651-260-0005 for an application.
  5. How do a make a complaint with the city?
    To make a formal complaint, call the Information and Complaint line at (651) 266-8989.
  6. How do I report graffiti that needs to be cleaned up?
    Call the Information and Complaint Office at (651) 266-8989.
  7. Who do I contact about home inspections, deferred/low interest loans, home construction, etc?
    Contact Dayton’s Bluff Housing Services at 651.774.6995. Dayton’s Bluff Housing Services is a private non-profit that works to provide affordable housing and access to programs that encourage home buying on the East Side of St. Paul.