East Side Transit Equity

DBCC is fiscal sponsor and manager of a partnership of four East Side District Councils (1, 2, 4, 5), the East Side Area Business Association (ESABA) and four public sector transit development partners (City of St. Paul, Ramsey County, Washington County, Metro Transit) joined to ensure improved transit access on the East Side.


  1. Participate in FESTEC Steering Committee and provide strategic planning, leadership development and civic action to promote better transit opportunities
  2. Promote community discussion of Transit through Mind Munch – series of meals and topical conversations using Art of Hosting facilitation techniques
  3. Participate in public action campaign to improve community representation in transit decisions, with special focus on communities of color living on the East Side.

Community University Action Team

A partnership that grew out of the community pact with Metropolitan State University to ensure effective collaboration and improved communication with the surrounding community.


  1. Chair the Team and seat community representatives to attend monthly meetings designed to ensure community plans and goals are integrated with those of the University
  2. Monitor all building activities planned by the University
  3. Promote community collaboration and interaction with University administration, faculty and students

East Side Area Business Association (ESABA)


  1. Support locally owned businesses through informed community review, advocacy and promotion.
  2. Chair Equity and Economic Development Committee of ESABA, promoting business growth on the East Side through strategic partnerships with key business owner/developers (e.g. Flat Earth Brewery, Urban Organics, Dellwood Gardens, etc.), the St. Paul Port Authority and other public, private and nonprofit partners.