We’ve received a few questions regarding the timing and reasons for the postponement of the meeting on January 22nd. To clarify the notice we published on the 23rd, we’d like to add that, despite the rapidly deteriorating weather situation, we intended to hold the meeting as planned. We did not anticipate far enough in advance that the severity of the storm would prevent many board and community members from being able to make it safely to the meeting. As it happened, two board members and at least one community member were in attendance at the East Side Enterprise Center in time for the meeting that night. As such, the meeting was convened but due to the lack of quorum, a fully qualified meeting could not take place and was postponed as described in the original notice. There were no other reasons for not meeting that evening other than not being able to conduct business due to the weather situation and no violation of our by-laws.

The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council Board thanks you again for your continued patience as we work through this difficult period facing DBCC. Board members and multiple community members have been working on a volunteer basis — putting in hundreds of hours to date — to identify and fulfill all DBCC responsibilities and work with the community to transition to an organization that meets the needs of the Dayton’s Bluff community. All of this while also helping keep DBCC up and running and the East Side Enterprise Center’s doors open to the community and its organizational partners every day.

Despite all the challenges we face, especially with the the lack of paid staff, we will continue to endeavor to communicate with the community about what is happening as best we can and in as timely a manner as we can.

We appreciate all of you who have stepped up to help and all of you who have reached out with concerns and questions. Thanks again for being patient as we all work together to ensure that the organization built with the vision and hard work of the Dayton’s Bluff community survives and continues to serve our community’s expressed needs and visions.