A note from DBCC Staff

Greetings and welcome to our 2015 Annual Report. We couldn’t be more excited to highlight the transformative work that is happening at Dayton’s Bluff Community Council. Preparing this report gave us time to step back and take a moment to reflect on this year’s journey. Our immediate reaction was, “How did all of this happen?”! We launched a community radio station that will feature local artists and provocative programming. We opened the doors of the East Side Enterprise Center, an institution that has garnered the attention of the MN legislature for paving the way for culturally inclusive economic development and business growth. We helped rebuild the Urban Root’s garden and hosted a Hiring Kickoff to employ local residents. Dayton’s Bluff is on the map and people are taking notice. We have a new co-op, a new coffee shop, vacant homes are being filled, and streets and parks are receiving improvements.

This was a big year for us. However, these successes are not confined to Dayton’s Bluff. Our work and accomplishments have impacts throughout the East Side. So when we began thinking about a theme for this year’s Annual Meeting, it was simple: “Breaking Boundaries, Connecting Communities.” That is at the heart of our work. Not only has that work reached across the boundaries of Dayton’s Bluff, but we are traversing ethnic, racial, and socio-economic boundaries to build and bridge communities. In Dayton’s Bluff, our diversity is our strength. It challenges us. It surprises us. It makes us who we are and pushes us closer to who we want to be; a whole, healthy, and vibrant community for everyone.

This year has been a whirlwind. And with a staff of four, we could hardly take all the credit. The Dayton’s Bluff Community Council mission is to “Advance equity and enhance quality of life through partnerships and community engagement.” The accomplishments of this year, are SHARED accomplishments. Community members, our board, business owners, our East Side Enterprise Center partners, and our funders have all carried this mission forward to make this an incredible year. So when we asked “how did all of this happen?” we know that the answer is YOU. Without your help, dedication, investment, support, and generous contributions, this council would not be where it is today. So, we’d like to extend a huge thank you and an even bigger congratulations!


Your Dayton’s Bluff Community Council

Deanna Abbott-Foster

Brenda Reid

Nicole Pressley

Dezmond Juan

Read the full DBCC annual Report.