• Board Members Present:, Carla Riehle, Sage Holben, Elizabeth Matakis, Tong Thao, Bridger Merkt, Jessica Johnson, Breann Tierschel, Henry Garnica, Jacob Lambert, Rafael Espinosa, Colin Wilkinson,
  • Board Members w/ Scheduled Absence:
  • Meeting Called to Order at 7:30 pm by Elizabeth Matakis

Guest Speakers:

Rush Line Public Engagement team came to present on the alternative routes of the northbound Rush Line Corridor. Building any transit line takes decades to plan and build, there will be plenty of time for input but it will take some time for planners to come out with information.

  • Minutes from 1/26/15 approved
  • Agenda for 2/23/15 approved

Work Plan and Budget Workshop:

Committee Work Plan template is completed and available for all committees to fill out. The board was divided into groups of 6 or fewer to review and discuss the proposed work plan. If anything needs to be changed on the work plan, the groups would have voted in order to get things changed. If anything major needs to be changed, it may not be changed today because the work plan created today is a baseline, or a foundation to create a more in depth plan later.

  • Amendment: “churches” to be changed to places of “worship.” Add e. to Goal 3 = Identify channels to engage youth who are particularly disengaged. Amendment passed
  • Motion to approve the work plan as amended with the idea of coming back in March to discuss details of committee’s work plan. Motion Approved
  • Motion to approve budget as it is: Motion Approved

East Side Radio Station:

Carla gives a report of the state of the radio station. The “technical” team meets every two weeks, they’ve added a new member Nick Mohammed. They are looking to create an advising committee that is reflective of the community. The temporary studio is set up in Deanna’s old office and Ben James is training anyone interested in doing programming. They will soon move to Roger’s Printing in about a month or so. East Side Radio Station is also partnering with the Frogtown Radio Station. Brenda Reid is partnering with multiple youth organizations to bring more participants.

  • Additional funding needed for radio station operation will come from underwriting.

Bylaws and Policy Committee:

  • Motion to table the discussion until proposed policies has gone through bylaws and policies committee
  • All approved except Rafael Espinosa

Youth Engagement Committee:

Motion on the table: We Y.U.C.K. (Youth Understanding Community Kay) formerly known as the teen council, would like to request the following funds for our first program. We organized a soccer night at the Dayton’s Bluff Rec. Center. On March 12th or 19th, our program will launch and to do this we need funds for the following items:

  • 4 soccer nets ($300 each) Bag of pinnies (mini jerseys) ($120) 2 soccer balls ($34 x2) $1354 requested
  • Motion withdrawn from Rafael Espinosa
  • Let it be shown that Elizabeth Matakis supported the motion and would have liked to vote on it.

Adjourned at 8:45